Breads & Pastries

Sold individually, or by the dozen! Cuban bread, pastries (pastelitos) & more!


Ready-made and custom cakes available.

Daily Meals

Breakfast plates, Cuban sandwiches, and more.


Special pricing on holiday meals for 12+ persons.

Cuban Bakery Miami

All of our baked goods are made fresh daily in-house. From pasteles y croquetas to our signature buñuelos, you can stop by for a small snack or take home a whole tray at our bakery cubano! As one of the top cuban bakeries in Miami, we are proud to offer the best cuban bread, guava pastries, paselitos and cuban desserts. We also offer cuban sandwiches, breakfast, cakes, catering and more! Stop by and see why Pinocho Bakery has been around since 1981!
"Best croquetas I’ve ever had! Thanks for always being my childhood weekly breakfast spot in the early 00’s. When I travel back to Miami, I always come back here, feels like coming back home!" Ethell Yarbrough
"Hands down best Cuban bakery in Miami! I remember coming here as a little girl getting all the yummy treats. The best memories I have with my grandparents are coming here well my grandparents hung out and caught up with a staff at the bakery me and my sisters would get a tour of where all the delicious snacks are made everyday from scratch and always fresh." Rylie and Banks
"The place is great the service to the manger is great and the owner to I went today it was great" Javi Bl24
"The food is great the service is better the empanadas are great the croquettes are go to I love the place" Programars Cracks
"Excellent services .!! Nice staff .!! I always visit this bakery!! Bueno y barato !! ????⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️" Alexeiv Gonzalez

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